About Us

Our Mission Statement:

Focus Ventures strives to create, purchase, develop, and manage the very best healthcare organizations in each of our markets. At our best, we innovate to deliver unparalleled service and care and we discover and cultivate synergies that help the Focus Family of Companies grow and thrive.

This mission represents a culture that appreciates the importance of providing excellent care, but simultaneously refuses to accept the status-quo of an industry that seems to stagnate with old care methods and sub-par results. Our team is laser-focused on stellar results, but for patients and families first, and for the growth of our organization second.

At Focus Ventures, we share three core values that inspire our work:

  • Innovation – Constant thought, energy, and creativity in finding ways to improve our organization and ourselves.
  • Respect – For our customers, whom we treat as we would like to be treated, and for our colleagues and partners, whom we learn from, teach, and support.
  • Thoroughness – Leave nothing to chance and everything to research and effort. For any project, if we can do it, we should do it more thoroughly and professionally than anyone else.

The Focus Family of Companies share a headquarters at the office of Focus Ventures in New York. At Focus, we pride ourselves on agile, responsive investment and management strategies. We are not just “asset buyers”; our team prides itself on first elevating the performance and outcomes that our companies provide to their customers and patients, and then on reinvesting the resulting financial success in the companies for growth and delivering extraordinary outcomes for our investors.

The Focus Family of Companies are uniquely selected for their geographic and competitive potential and their ability to cross-pollinate with our other businesses to deliver growth. They collectively work together to create integrated, successful networks in Healthcare, Retail, B2B Wholesale, Energy, and Transportation.

Focus Ventures was founded in May of 2010 by partners who had previous successful independent ventures. The company immediately built and constantly maintains strategic relationships with outside investors, entrepreneurs, and partners to create a thriving environment for investment and business growth.

We are currently most interested in exploring opportunities in Healthcare and Health retail, but will always consider companies that show potential receptiveness to innovation and that complement our existing portfolio.